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The contract involved undertaking the refurbishment to a Grade 2 Listed house within an AONB, including building a new single storey extension and demolition of the existing garage and construction of a new one. This entailed re-roofing the existing structure, alterations to the internal room layouts, repairs to the external brickwork to match existing, repairs to windows and door and new brick patio to the rear of the property.

Due to the nature of the building we had to have the conservation officer heavy involved at the early stages to approve the bricks, and mortar mix, the Kent peg tiles, and repairs / replacement to the windows. They would not allow us to completely replace any of the rear windows which were in a bad state of repair, we eventually agreed on the process of having the complete windows made and installing the existing window head to the new frame. This involved much time and skill on behalf of the onsite joiner to carefully take apart the old windows and attaching the head to the new window.

Secondly as the existing roof was being stripped, it was decided to get a structural engineer involved to look at the existing structure as it was in a poor state of repair. On inspection of the roof it was decided that a complete new independent roof structure was required to take the load of the roof covering, this also included the replacement of worst oak rafters to maintain the original roof structure, this involved bespoke cutting of these timbers to match the origin Save & Exit al being replaced. This again required the conservation office to approve the works as they proceed and took about 6 weeks to complete all the works to enable the roof to be retiled.

The above items were not original allowed for at tender stage and where added once the works had started. This did therefore add costs and time to the project, but we kept this to a minimum. We achieved this by agreeing to remove not essential works and by ensuring the costs for the materials were the best that could be achieved.

Other than the above the rest of the contract was completed without any further problems and the client was extremely happy with the end result.

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“You have a very professional team, with such high standard of workmanship.”

The Finished Build

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